GLOBAL REPORT..PROF. ALEXIA THOMAS, CHAIRMAN, TCLP UK MAKES A FORMAL JUDGEMENT AGAIN: ‘Britain Must Leave European Union, Commonwealth Citizens Don’t Cast your Vote for Britain in EU’

*Warns: ‘Be Ready to Kill Monarchy & Destroy The Commonwealth’

*The Secret Plot of EU Agenda and Hunt for Judaism Exposed

*Aim of European Union Treaty is a Criminal Act to Enact Superiority to Claim British Kingdom

*The European Union Treaty is A Threat to the World

*QUOTES: “Despotism can only exist in Darkness, and there are too many lights now in the Political Firmament to permit it to remain anywhere, as it has heretofore done, almost everywhere”-James Madison (4th US President 1751-1836)

* “We have our own dream and our own task, We are with Europe but not of it, We are linked but not combined, We are interested and associated but not absorbed, If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea”-Sir Winston Churchill (UK Prime Minister 1940-1945 & 1951-1955)

* “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”-Benjamin Franklin

*“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves”-Abraham Lincoln

*“It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you”-M. Grundler

AS the local election in United Kingdom (UK) draws near on Thursday, 5th May 2016, all UK political parties are in explosion. The Commonwealth Liberation Party takes a different position. The Chairman, Professor Alexia Thomas quote: “You Cannot Push the Wagon into the Future without Retrogressing into the Past.” She hints an expose: European Union (EU) Treaty must be abolished and the European Union must be dissolved.

In her published article- ‘The Secret Plot of the EU and the Hunt for Judaism’, her Mythological teachings illustrated the fierce wars of the EU criminal masterminded plot, rivalry fierce battle between the British Empire and the German Nation dates back to the era of 18th Century when Queen Victoria, the Great Grand Mother of the current Queen Elizabeth II was on the Throneship. The propensity of the dispute leading to the War and the Marriage between the British Kingdom, the German Nation and all Countries in the EU started in 1914 of the First World War and 1939 of the Second World War.

Queen Victoria sent her grandson Prince Leopold Charles Edward George, Duke of Albany, Duke of Saxe-Coburg to Germany to rule her Empire. He got married to a German woman Viktoria Adelheild, Princess of Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Gluckburg on 11th October 1905 in Glucksburg Castle, Gluckstadt, Slesvig-Holstein, Prussia. They had five children namely: Johann Leopold-Hereditary of Saxe Coburg Gotha, Sibylla-Princess of Saxe Coburg Gotha, Hubertus Dietmar Friedrich Wilhelm- Prince of Saxe Coburg Gotha, Caroline Mathilde-Princess of Saxe Coburg Gotha and Friedrish Josias Carl Eduard-Prince of Saxe Coburg Gotha.

Queen Victoria died and in that era the German Nation fought the British Kingdom in the First World War and Prince Leopold Charles Edward joined the German to fight against his own country. d German lost the First World War and the Royal family of d Duke in England believes the act of The Duke to take sides with German was Traitorship. He was stripped off his Royal peerages.

In 1918, Prince Leopold Charles Edward George was forced to abdicate his ducal throne after he joined the German Empire during World War I to fight against Britain. He was never forgiven by his cousins, as he was seen as a traitor for the role he played in First World War 1. He was exiled from England. This Prince, the eight child and youngest royal son was a controversial figure in Britain due to his status as Sovereign Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. He was denied his birthright by the ruling British Empire, deprived of his British rights,denied his title of Prince and Royal Highness in British honours in 1919.

He joined the German Nazi Party and served in a number of positions in Nazi Germany, and in 1930s to 1940s was President of the German Red Cross. He was the maternal grandfather of Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and the younger brother of Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone. This royal Prince born in Buckingham Palace, London created Earl of Clarence, and Baron Arklow. The Germans called him Karl Eduard.

Professor Thomas Chieftain Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission unveiled the truth that the animosity and fierce rivalry amongst the Royal descendants of UK Monarchy and exiled descendants of the late Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha settled in Germany and other countries of the EU will see the Commonwealth Nations destroyed. In that revenge of the Duke is to destroy the Commonwealth Nations which automatically end the Sovereignty of the UK and Her Monarchy.

Professor Thomas explained: “In this coming UK election, Britain Must Leave European Union or else they must be ready to kill Her Monarchy and destroy The Commonwealth. Commonwealth Citizens are advised not to vote Britain in EU.”

In a-20 pages article report titled ‘The Secret Plot of EU Agenda and the Hunt for Judaism’, her educative messages have brought huge enlightenment to Members of the Commonwealth Nations in her Mythological teaching, she states “Judaism Theory is the demolition of Commonwealth Nations through the Power of the Occultic Unions of the EU Treaty.”

For Judaism Sacred, she raised a few posers that “Since the ‘Whom’ and the ‘Whose’ from Commonwealth Countries Are Clones From The British Empire, The Nations Of Commonwealth Shall Be Marked Down To be Use As The Sacred Lamb For Sacrification; To Be Burnt, Dehumanized And Killed with Provisions To Wipe Their Generations. The Aim of the European Union Treaty is A Criminal Plot To Enact Superiority in Their Quest To Claim The British Kingdom.”

Secret Plot of EU Agenda and Hunt for Judaism Exposed

Regarding the First Apocalypse of Judaism, she said “EU Treaty is the spirit of the Hitler and Nazis transferred in Men nurtured to finish the failed struggle of their cruel ambitions to rule the World at the expense of killing the Jews the Sons of God whom they felt the race were not pure enough to live in the Face of the Earth.

She dug deep into the springing well of divinity by explaining the intricacies surrounding the Second Apocalypse of Judaism, “The plan that led to Second World War to invade Britain by Nazis to rule the World is not yet over. The tears of the grandson of Queen Victoria, Prince Charles Edward of the United Kingdom, Duke of Albany (Leopold Charles Edward George) Duke of Saxe-Coburg And Gotha from 19th July 1884 – 28th March 1954 sent to Germany by Queen Victoria to Rule her empire and whose empire was later rejected and demolished by the revolution of Germans also he was denied his birth right by the ruling Monarch in Britain because his Cousins felt, his act as traitor within the First World War was not justified.

“The EU Treaty is powered by the Criminal Mastermind as revenge from his children whose main adopted Nationality is Germany since that is the second home owned to them by their mother. The quest to revenge the denials of their father the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is powered by their quest to destroy the British Empire.”

In the article, Prof Thomas gave insights into how Commonwealth Countries are used as sacrificial lambs and prey for sacrification in the Second Apocalypse of Judaism. Her words: “The Faith Of The Jews Massacred By The Nazis Is Beginning To Unfold For The Citizens From Commonwealth Nations, As Gradually They Are Being Haunted For Their Vulnerability, Charged For Offences Not Committed By Them, Sentence To Prison For An Unjust Penalty, Killed Silently For The Offences Of The Children Of Anomalies, Made To Work Tirelessly, Made To Work With No Hope Of Ever Claiming Their Benefits, Made Redundant In A Country They Only Visited As Labourers As With No Option Of Passport Or A Pass Issued To Them, They Have No Hope Of Ever Seeing Their Beloved Country.”

She talks about Affirmation of Judaism Sacred by saying “To prove preparation to destroy the future of the Commonwealth Countries Citizens is unfolding; The British Government has been made the Scapegoat. They have been set up by the EU Cult to use their hands to ruin their Clones amidst the ‘Whom’ and the ‘Whose’ of the Commonwealth Countries.

“More prisons have been planned and constructed, as the current ones that houses the Commonwealth Citizens Captive are full. The Children of Commonwealth Nations are rusting in the Prisons and various Detention Centres awaiting their faith for the Sacred of Judaism while most are there for more than two years. The British Government are too busy to understand the Propaganda and allegation of the false information set up to keep Commonwealth Citizens captives in Prisons and Detention Centres for no offence or wrong doing, they have done to deserve such a horrible fate.”

This Human Rights Advocate listed various phases in which the layers of sacred of Judaism are mapped out. She analyzed the methodology as: “Those With No Papers Are Returned To Their Countries, Those With Papers Are Not Allowed To Renew Their Visas, Those With Residence Status, Their Papers Are Revoked, The Plot For Mass Deportation, The Plot To Set Up Bigger Camps To House Them, The Plot To Kill Them Silently If They Show Resistance and The Plot To Wipe Out All Their Generations.”

Prof Thomas named other ‘Current Prisons for Judaism Sacred’ to include: “Dover Removal Centre, Collinbrook Removal Centre, Oakington Removal Centre; Hamasworth Removal Centre, Dungavel Removal Centre, Masefield Removal Centre, Lindholam Removal Centre, Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre, Haslar Removal Centre Tinsley House Removal Centre and . Her Majesty Prisons.” Just as the names are illustrated, it is obvious proof that all Detention Centers in UK are named in German dialect, simply means the Germans are at War with the Nations of the Commonwealth with intentions to destroy their citizens for that reason they build concentration centers in UK.

On how dreadful the reality of Judaism is, she further explained the process as “To demolish Commonwealth Nations by virtue of their vulnerability as a Continent less powerful, To displace them through means of Mass Deportation and to revoke their Right to enjoy the immunity promised them by the British Government prior to their Independent.”

She gave three definitions on the ‘Deceit of Judaism’ which she described, First Definition: “A Premeditated Attempt By The Union Of EU To Get The British In Alliance To Build Structures That Will Accommodate Their Children Within The Territory Of The British Kingdom.

Second Definition: “The Distraction Of Great Britain Made Incapacitated Of Their Vision For Themselves And Their Great Nation.

Third Definition: “A Decoy To Lure Great Britain To Work Tirelessly To Generate Funds For The Union Of EU At The Expenses Of Feeding Their Children Of Anomalies Who Are Bastards And Traitors To The British Empire.”

UK Making Unending Profits through Royalties for Commonwealth Nations

As she divinely transcended, Prof Thomas revealed that British Kingdom has been making unending profits through Royalties for successfully bringing Civilization and Developments to the Nations of Commonwealth. Her words: “The Deceit of Judaism has made The Chinese Government penetrate the Commonwealth Nations to rob the Treasures owed to the British Government because current British Government has lost their Political Mythology.”

“The Chinese Government are committing an Act of robbery by breaking into the territory of the Commonwealth Countries. The Chinese Government are the vultures feeding on the carcass (left over) belonging to the British Kingdom. Due to the deceit of Judaism, the British Government is too busy to know their treasure in Commonwealth Nations are being robbed and looted by the Chinese Government who are also questing for power to make their own Kingdom the greatest Nation that will intimidate the World. The Biggism of the UK is the strength of Commonwealth Colonies through the Heroism of Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1558. The Greatest Monarch whom in Her Reign sent Sailors on voyage of exploration that gave birth to the beginning of Colony and the Commonwealth Nations.”

The decoy of trap detailed how EU used trade as a bait to deceive Britain. She states that “The decoy of trap used by the Union of EU to deceive Britain Is Trade. The decoy of trap used by the Chinese Government to deceive Commonwealth Nations is Trade by Investment, in pretense the Chinese Government traded their money to buy spaces and structures within the Commonwealth Nations to enable them extract their minerals, their Resources, their Gold, their Diamond and their Wealth.”

EU and Chinese Govt Unity

Prof Thomas informative statement exposed the relationship that exist between EU and Chinese Government, according to her: “The EU are busy occupying the Agenda of Great Britain, so also the Chinese Government are busy occupying the Agenda of Commonwealth Nations. What do both the EU and the Chinese Government intend to achieve by plotting Great Britain and Commonwealth Nations? The God of Men should watch out as the Dragon of Hell is being controlled in the body of Man to destroy the World.”

As an Oracle, Prof Thomas has predicted that in ‘The Apocalypse of Judaism’, the EU in the formation of 28 countries fused in a tyrannical mission with main sole purpose to rule the World by ‘Force’ or by ‘Death’.

The EU plot the eradication and the displacement of Citizens of Commonwealth by means of Mass Deportation. The EU quest is to remove Citizens of Commonwealth from all European Countries thereby making the British Kingdom infiltrated with the Children of Anomalies who are trained to be a Sons of Adoption by Birth or Migration. The EU motives are to wage ‘War’ against a Nation in a rebirth to achieve the goals of their forefathers to topple the British Monarchy. The EU rebellion is to bring down the British Monarchy, giving them the chance of motivation to claim the land that belongs to the God of Men.

“If they fail the target of their evil plot which is inevitable, the consequences is they have nothing to lose. They Will Persistently Aim Their Target At Destroying Great Britain By Virtue Imagination Of Their Propaganda To Fume War. You cannot avert their plot because they live amidst the God of Men through their different colours of rainbow, decoyed like chameleons, shaded in different colours, for they see you and you cannot see them and when they plot they succeed before you can put a fight back.

“The Death Of God Of Men Cannot Be Averted Because They Have Foolishly Accepted The Children Of Anomalies Who Have Traded Their Deceit In Pretense For Passion As They Came Like Strangers Into Your Territory For No Good, But To Reap Your Goodies And Deny You The Merit Of Your Profit.

Under ‘The Plague of Revenge’, Prof Thomas noted that “The Adoption of Children of Anomalies through the EU Treaty is a Threat to Great Britain, as the Spirit of the Fathers of the Children of Anomalies is to persistently quest for the failure of their defeat through Revenge.”

Entering deeper into divinity, Prof Thomas statement elucidates on ‘Voices from the British Empire’, which the reason she said “The only solution is to keep the purity of Great Britain whose faith has suffered many Battles of Invasion from Century after Century, through the Ascension of the future Kings to the Throne and their Heirs. Britain are to stand against the invaders and the Children of Anomalies.”

European Union Treaty is a Criminal Act

Prof Thomas exposed ‘EU Treaty Criminal Mastermind’ as: “The Birth of the EU is formed on the foundation of Hitler and Nazis failed premeditated plot to Rule the World, the foundation of a molten boiling Tyrant, a Criminal Mastermind plotted to make The EU a World Power. The EU feared that the United Sates of America might be the next most powerful Nation while Objectives of the EU are hidden and mastermind as a Secret to aid their uprising Agenda.”

The article expressed analytical education into the reality of Judaism when it asked some questions and made revelations into how the ‘EU Treaty is a Threat’ as it reads: “If EU was founded on a positive intention, then why did it marginalized Africa, Asia and Caribbean? Within the EU Countries, the poorest Countries also formed part of the EU Government, then why are the benefits of Trade and Travel not enjoyed by the marginalised Continents such As Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Middle East?

“It is obvious the EU Referendum is not formed with genuine objectives, rather on the basis to up rise a Movement that will threaten all other Continents .The EU forming a Treaty with a controlled Unitarian Government is a decoy to emancipate power.

“EU TREATY IS A THREAT: All Countries Should Be Made To Build Their Own Sustainable Government Through Education Given To Their People By Defining How Well They Sustain A Democratic Governance Free Of Corruption To Suit The Needs Of Their Citizens.

“If Great Britain is wise enough they should refuse the EU Treaty And All Countries Should Lead Themselves With Their Own Goals And Objectives To Suit Their Citizens According To Their Culture And Heritage. EU Referendum Should Be Abolish And A Referendum Of Friendship For Neighbouring Territory (FFNT) Be Consented And Not EU Treaty.”

Prof Thomas gave deep insights to inner-working of ‘EU Uprise Plot’ when she explained that “United Kingdom is the only Country in the World with a strong Monarch, All EU Countries have no Monarch and if they do, their Monarch is neither strong nor active compared to the Great Monarch in Britain and Many of the EU Countries have ruined their own Monarch because of their foolishness of assuming a Monarchy is formed by privilege of Nature.”

How about the unseen consequences of every action so far taken regarding the EU? This cerebral woman stated that “The Criminal mastermind, whose hidden objectives gave birth to EU is a decoy to conquer the World in pretence, fuming from an alliance with a Government of her own.

“EU has successfully emancipated 28 Countries within the EU states to sign the EU Treaty . These countries are: Austral, Portugal Luxemburg, Cyprus, Slovenia, Netherlands; Denmark, Sweden Poland, Finland, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain,Hungary, Estonia, Switzerland; Irish Republic, France, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Greece, Norway, Lithuania, Iceland, Malta and Italy.”

The over-ambition of EU Government to ensure superiority over all other countries in the world comes under ‘EU Treaty Decoy’, whose aim Prof Thomas said: “To make the EU Government superior over all other Government in the World, To make Britain and other Countries second class, To be dictators having Power over directives to control the Union of Countries within the EU Cult, To contest their strength with United States of America whose Power, Energy and Strength emancipated from Great Britain; To be stronger through Union of EU To challenge The only Monarch in Great Britain, To use their Union through Treaty in pretence to undermine the existence on why the Monarch in Great Britain should not be allowed to exist; To enforce Nations by Acts of Tyrannical Dictatorship through Trade, Currency, Economy, Power and Crude Oil, To secure an EU Army through a premeditated Criminal plan, if successful after 50 years of existence, this can lead to third World War.”

Prof Thomas talked about ‘The Noble of Consciousness’ by asking the following questions: “When Will Democratic Governance Excel From Podium To The Marginalised Were The Human Ruins And The State Poorest Concentrate? When Will The Children Of Commonwealth Nations Be Embraced And Heard As The Songs And Tears Of Their Freedom Defines The Birth Of Retreat From A Country They Call Home? When Will United Kingdom Know The Children And Citizens From Commonwealth Countries Are Their Best Aid Immune In Distress?

“The ‘Whom’ And ‘Whose’ Of A Commonwealth Nations Is A Clone From British Empire, Why Will A Nation Deny The Adoption Of Commonwealth Citizens Rather Throwing Away The Merit In Negligence Because Of The EU Treaty? Why will Great Britain make the Children of Naturalisation by colony the Tail and not the Head? Why will Britain undermined the same Commonwealth Nations you found Home, Companion, Strength and Power 15th Century ago?”

By profound divinity and deeper mythology, Prof Thomas revealed a line of prophecy of events that will happen. She said: “ When the Travelers come, they will come from far with mass power and occupy the land of all vegetation, they shall drink the waters of no return and amass the strength of the Nation.

“I see the invisible fighting the World and the World fighting what they can’t see, for they shall device a means to see, but it may be over. The sea so deep, yet so strong, they shall swim, make their homes and migrate to the water and call it a New Found World.

“A loud shout shall be heard, it shall be the Voice of the defeated for their lost shall come upon the Platform of their inner Destruction.

For the inscription of Man shall be tagged with the Venom of the Serpent, for he shall be the way of death through his thought and deception of imagination. The World shall be divided in the eyes of Man and the Leader shall call it the wise solution.

“A big Country shall fall with its Power of incantations. The message shall be passed through Air, they shall be happy and call it Advancement but time will come when it will destroy them. The conceived Man cried and shouted for help, it shall come to pick them, for it’s the Bird of the night and a Bird of no mercy.

“They came as Men in wooden shield standing strong, even stronger than their superior seeking victory to control the empire they plot to defeat. Darkness befalls, they called it the Eclipse and not the end time for the light shall shine no more, but he stands in the most great light towering all above watching the end of Creation. The Eyes that sees the Wind cries with the Wind.”

She discussed the Nobility of Man’s Conscience under ‘The Illustration’ which captured how “Men of greatness have all died in the 16th Century. The Quest that set Britain to be Masters of Civilisation started through Man’s Quest to understand its environment, know its environment and to master its environment. It was the beginning of Man’s quest of Supremacy which genuinely was the bedrock of Man’s Humanity quest to bring Civilisation upon herself and teach Civilisation upon herself and it started from the Heroism of the Queen Elizabeth I.

“The Myth Of Great Britain Is Controlled By The Monarch And The Americans Whose Myth Is Of The Union Jack, Founded By The Decedents Of Great Britain And Who Later Got Independence To Rule As A Nation Are On The Verge Of Losing Their Heritage.

“It Is Time To Draw A Line Because The Doom Will Crumble In The Feet Of All Nations. This Is Not The Time To Play Politics But The Time To Reclaim What Belong To Your Forefathers Lost To Conventionality Through A Fools Ideology Initiated By Sons Of Great Britain And America Thinking Alliance With An Enemy Is The Only Way To Avert Anarchy.

“Consultation with EU is an Error and coward Agenda. For The Second Time, The Truth Must Be Told, European Unions Are Never Friends To Great Britain Because History Has Marked The Noble Slate Of Remembrance That both The EU Fought Against Britain And America In The First World War And Also Against Britain And America In The Second World War. WHO IS DECEIVING WHO? IS IT THE VOICE OF COWARDNESS OR THE VOICE OF DECEIT?

“The Recognition Of The Inherent Dignity And Of The Equal And Inalienable Rights Of All Members Of The Human Family Is The Foundation Of Freedom, Justice And Peace In The World. The Disregard And Contempt For Human Rights Have Resulted In Barbarous Acts Which Have Outraged The Conscience Of Mankind, Freedom From Fear And Want Has Been Proclaimed As The Highest Aspiration Of The Common People. Whereas It Is Essential If Man Is Not To Be Compelled To Have Resource, As A Last Resort To Rebellion Against Tyranny And Oppression That Human Rights Should Be Protected By The Rule Of Law.”

As the ‘Royal Mother of The Commonwealth’, she assured Commonwealth citizens Home and Abroad of being aware of various injustices done to them by lamenting that: “All Commonwealth Countries Citizens living both Home and Abroad and in any of the Fifty-Four (54) Countries of the Commonwealth, despite the injustice you may have being suffering, we are aware of; Those who have been Abused, Those who have been Marginalized, Those who are Captives, Those Who Are Imprisoned, Those Whose Human Rights and Civil Liberties have been Abused.

“We Tell You Today Not To Cry Any More, Not To Worry Any More, Not To Be In Pain Any More, Not To Fear Anymore, To Be Strong From Today Onward, You Have To Be Strong For Yourself, You Have To Be Strong For Your Freedom, You Have To Be Strong For Your Grace, You Have To Be Strong For Today. THIS IS YOUR TIME!!!

“Government at Podium of the Nation’s Wealth is an Opportunist not because they are the best, but because their Charisma charmed the No Body Man’s vote. Why will a Government whose bodies are not an armour but a flesh to rot after death fears No Retribution because they gullibly assumed the Citizens are Common people at their mercy.

To proffer a lasting solution in solving the plethora of problems facing countries in the world, Professor Thomas in healing the peoples’ pain with her Clinic of the Orthodox School of Thoughts enumerated: “To Heal The Wound And Pains Of The Oppress Which Is Now Enforceable And Appraisals must be consented and payment duly awarded to the Citizens of the Commonwealth Countries who are the Children of Grace because ‘THE WILL OF MAGNA CARTA HAS BEEN BROKEN AND MAGNA CARTA THE LAW OF MAN’S FREE WILL LIBERTY TO BE FREE HAS BEEN BREACHED’, THE GOD’S OF THE WORLD MUST BE APPEASE TO FORGIVE HIS SONS OF RULERSHIP to breed the Sanity to live and their Souls be allowed eternal life for rebirth. Therefore to Appease the Vengeance of Magna Carta which is the ‘HUNT’ Of The GHOST OF KING JOHN (1166 – 1216) And The Spirit Of QUEEN ELIZABETH I (1558 – 1603)’ then Appraisal must be consented and sacrifice of dues to be paid to Man is a must mandate.”


*“No Man Has The Right To Deny Another Man His Free Will Liberty To Be Free”

*“All Government Of The World And Leaders Of The World Should Observe Protocol Against Human Oppression”

* “Law Of Magna Carta Is Broken And The Consequences of Retribution Must Be Averted As The Dice Has Been Cast And Denial Is Not An Option For The Threat of Karma Not To Hunt Great Britain And Her Territories”


Am not Nostradamus .

But I see something good coming soon from President Buhari
Am not Nostradamus but I see light and silver linen from present dark cloud

Am not Nostradamus but in PMB I see a man who wants to leave legacy like late Mandela

Am not Nostradamus
Am young Chief Cerutti Osagie
World media consultant cum facilitator

@ G.Cerutti media group of companies
By day The Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me- a prayer to the God of my life”
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mm.JPGThe keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability. -Simon Mainwaring
Again, Emirates has extended its online check-in to 48 hours before departure, from 24 hours, effective immediately. Customers around the world can check in online on both desktop and mobile devices from 48 hours to 90 minutes before flight departure.
The increased lead time offers customers greater flexibility in choosing their seats, and reduces waiting times at the airport as they would already have their boarding passes before arriving at the airport. Passengers can then drop their luggage at online uy.jpegcheck-in counters before heading straight through to immigration and security.  For flights to and from the United States, while online check-in is available 48 hours before departure, boarding passes will only be issued 24 hours in advance.
“We have always taken into account feedback to improve the customer journey and the extension of online check-in is a result of that. By allowing check-in from 48 hours before departure we are providing our customers added flexibility to choose their preferred seats for a more comfortable journey. This is just one of the many initiatives we are implementing to enhance our customers’ experience online,” explained Alex Knigge, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Marketing & Brand (Digital).
The earlier check-in window will also enable more seamless communication with customers should there be unexpected flight delays or disruptions. For members of Emirates Skywards, the airline’s frequent flyer programme, the extended check in time will also mean better availability of upgrades.ujuju.jpeg
The extended check-in window is one of many features on that aims to improve the customer experience. Another feature is the recently introduced ‘Hold my fare’ option, which gives customers the opportunity to hold their reservations and lock in competitive Emirates fares for a nominal fee. This feature has now been extended to 72 hours


dd.jpegWhat a tragedy!David Kolawole Vaughan fondly called DAKOVA who has for years kept his fashion house Dakova running was in pain weekend but now bounced back,his image maker, czar of letters Cerutti Osage has stated in a press  statement

KKKKThe Lagos based fashion outfit Dakova Fashion square in ebute mettah,Lagos was Saturday night razed and the source of the fire tagged mystery

There was pain and tears, and DAKOVA lost all he has rto fire,but next day the fashion king bounced back and now giving glory to God no life was lostdv.jpeg

Young chief Osagie,on behalf on DAKOVA thanked all who have shown love to the king of his calling in  Harmony, ,kind and via prayers







Empowerment for CHANGE OF LEVEL

10TH April 2016
8 am/ 2nd service 10 am


SIGNED: Rev. Samuel Oluwasegun Olubiyo, the Founding Pastor of Triumphant Christian Centre (TCC)

*PLACE:Triumphant Christian Centre TCCWebsiteDirections
Christian Church
Address: Plot 23, Akanni Doherty Street,, Oba Akran Ave, Ikeja 100001
Phone:0803 303 6140

Cerutti Mike Osage's photo.
Cerutti Mike Osage's photo.








Jose Mourinho demands written promise from Manchester United that he will be manager in summer…..ENTER THE LEGAL IMPLICATION

joseooMan of self worth, Jose Mourinho  is never short of being in news    and despite verbal talk that he will land his new dream job,he insisted he  wants a written promise from Manchester United that he will be their new manager this summer.yy.png

The Special One has a verbal assurance that will be the case.tgggg.jpghuuu.jpg

But Alex Ferguson publicly backed current boss Louis van Gaal last week, leaving the Mourinho camp fearing things could change. That is why he wants the job offer in writing, so he can start planning a future at Old Trafford.ed

Was Jose right to demand a letter?ttt.jpg

CERUTTI SPORTS MEGA MIX spoke to a young dynamic lawyer to she d light on power of lefter , hear Barrister Blessing Ekpere Ogbu on the matter  ” A letter of agreement is a type of contract—-as the name implies, it’s an agreement in letter form. But as long as the essential elements of a contract are met (i.e., there is mutual assent among the parties as to the terms, and both parties are providing something of value), a letter of agreement is just as enforceable as a contract in traditional “long” form.ii.jpg
“If you prefer the format of a letter agreement, feel free to keep using it. You should know, however, that the format of the contract isn’t nearly as important as its contents. I would therefore advise you to consult with an attorney to make sure your form protects you as it should, especially if you intend to keep using it with clients in the future.

” So looking back, I think Jose did the right thing to ask for formal letter, if he gets it and United did not give him the job, he can sue them for big money, we must all learn to be formal by asking for written agreement, the Jose way” the Barrister told usu



FIRE-BRANDEDProfessor Alexia Thomas, Chairman, TCLP, UK,Raises Fresh Alarm:’Queen Elizabeth II to Abort British Prime Minister’s Govt April 24’

*Warns: ‘British Monarchy under a mandate to Re-instate/Enforce the Will of Magna Carta’

*Faults Conservative Governance: ‘Party steals through Taxation of Income Tax/VAT Tax at 20%’
*Says: ‘David Cameron runs UK as an Outlaw Bandit, Slander Commonwealth citizens with Sham Immigration Law’
*Echoes: ‘UK Immigration Detention Centers be Demolished, German Investors be paid their Shares’
*Revealed: ‘Prime Minister, Secretary of State Office practice Terror Justice & Tyranny against Commonwealth citizens’
#QUOTES: “It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it”-Aung San Suu Kyi
*“You can’t hold a man down without staying down with him-Booker T. Washington
*“The oppressors do not favor promoting the community as a whole, but rather selected leaders”-Paulo Freire
*“The truth which has made us free will in the end make us glad also. Every outcry against the oppression of some people by other people, or against what is morally hideous is the affirmation of the principle that a human being as such is not to be violated. A human being is not to be handled as a tool but is to be respected and revered”-Felix Adler
1.JPGWHERE justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe”, postulates Frederick Douglass.
It is an open-secret that the present conservative style of governance being led by David Cameron, British Prime Minister is built on injustice, evil, oppression, enslavement mentality of the coloured people with the sole intentions to practicing terror and tyranny against the people of Commonwealth citizens. Certainly, this secretive group Cameron belongs believe society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade the coloured people.
Professor Alexia Thomas, Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, UK flays the wickedness on-going in British Government under the watchful eyes of Cameron and why his government would be abolished on or before 24thApril. Her press statement in London reads: “Your policies are very contagious and destructive to human race, certainly denial is not an option. My press statement dated 22/11/2015 clearly defined Constitution of Democratic System of Government Principles and practice as taught by the founding fathers headship Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of United States. Your party has been a very destructive one-killing the welfare and wellbeing of the coloured people; and you will agree with me it is fair to ask the Queen Elizabeth II to use her Monarchical powers to abolish your leadership or alter it by simply transferring powers to Labour Party headship.
Monarchical Throneship of Queen Elizabeth II has Powers to abolish your Leadership; This may not have been used before or such Redress of Government Abolishment has not been used since the 16th Century after the beheading of the King Charles I, though his death gave Rights to Ordinary Men like yourself the privileges to come to Power through enacting the Bill of Rights 1689.
As the Chairman of The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP) and the Chieftain of Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission, I tell you today such Powers to abort your Government will be executed on or before the 24th of April 2016, if you and your Cabinets Ministers fail to behave yourselves. Mr. David Cameron, know your Government could be pardoned from Penalty of Guilt as your Ignorance of lack of Political Mythology could eliminate your accountability to the Destructive values brought upon the People of the Commonwealth.
On Cameron’s Government stealing from the citizens through tax exploitation, Professor Thomas said: “Your Government is Power intoxicated as through the Peoples’ votes you have Audaciously run United Kingdom Nation as an Outlaw Bandit, exploiting the Taxation System of Income Tax and VAT Tax at 20%, very unreasonable as this is stealing from the Citizens. Mr. Cameron how dare you Slander the Citizens of the Commonwealth Nations with Immigration Law, a Sham Legislation knowingfully well Britain never had Permittal to make 53 Commonwealth Nations their Colonies but instead forced Mastered them through Fierce and Death. We should be fair as a Race to the Cores Values of Commonwealth Nations who Britain bothered their Isolation and forcefully coerced them to accept the British Heritage in 15th Century ago.
Unlimited Travel access to Commonwealth Citizens
In hurtful tones, her letter reads: “Mr. Cameron, know it today United Kingdom is indebted to the Commonwealth Nations and their Citizens. Until the 51 Countries of African and Asia Continents realise Full Civilization, their Citizens must continue to have Unlimited access to Travel to the United Kingdom and the Immigration Confraternity Laws debarring their Rights must be abolished without Deliberation or Compromise. To this End, all Immigration Detention Centers in the United Kingdom must be demolished and all the German Investors having Shares in the Immigration Business and Services of Border Control and Technological Facilities should be paid back their Investment as they must now find other Trade to make their gains because the Commonwealth Citizens Detention is not a Sector for Investment. Simply do not Say no Money to pay them. The process is simple, just Print more money and pay them as Money is a Piece of Paper meant to fool the Governed because Politics is a Ghostly Operations.
United Kingdom found Riches and Greatness in the 15th Century from the Commonwealth Countries and their Citizens and till date, your Government is still in continual receipt of Royalties from these Poor Slaved Continents of Africa and Asia, yet your Conscience fears no Retribution, because God created them to be of less Values to the White Race. This should not be a bias reason because Humans has bigger Brains, so the Conscience of Guilt should supersede Conscience of Destruction of the Human Race and for this reason Slavery as a Business was abolished in United Kingdom and America.
David Cameron’s Govt to Disband from OfficeTGGG.jpg
Standing on truth, Professor Thomas dares British Prime Minister when she explained: “Mr. Cameron, I say unto you Verily, Verily, Verily, your Government will be Disband and Disgraced out of Number 10 Downing Street. Know very well as I said this Words to you, we are Equal in Powers of Governance and the difference is your Vote gives you access to Print Money and control UK Money Supply and the Economy. The only reason you may gullibly assumed you are more Superior than myself is because the Police, Army, Navy, Immigration and Crown Servants are paid by your Government. Mr. Cameron I am your Competitor and as an Opposition Government, we “The Commonwealth Liberation Party (TCLP)”, are not readily bothered about who Rules.
What matters is who Rules the People of United Kingdom must have the Knowledge, the Principles, the Respect, the Compassion, the Protection, the Appreciation and the Values to the People with Rights of Sovereignty.
Any Ruling Government must respect Human Values, Integrity and Dignity of Human Substance. If you read ‘TCLP’ Teachings and Doctrines, you will see our generosity over view in a Reflection, as I will expect you this year to get some serious Education and your Cabinet Ministers should equally go for Mind Development Training on Humanity Courses or else they could possibly go to Jail ‘En masse’ in the next 15years because of the ‘Enormous and Ferocious Atrocities’ they have committed in the Term of your Government. Money is simply irrelevant as you know the Tricks in Government since Headship. Money is a Piece of Paper. The fact your Conservative Party has made it more important than Human Lives and values, the need of changing School Syllabus is essential.
The Amendment of School Syllabus and Curriculum Vitae is Mandatory; So Students will be taught Humanity and Human Values as a Course and the Consciousness of Resistance to refuse Cash
Reward in Bribery, Salary, Kind or Gifts, if the Assignment or Task demanded of their Services relates to Law that Devalues, Kills or Destroy the Elements of Humanity. Mr. Cameron, you will agree with me your Government has gone Mad, starting with the Speech of Mr. Enoch Powel on the 20th April 1968. Watch this on Youtube Channel At: if it was not taught in your Social Studies. Mr. Enoch Powell Plot of destruction as a Conservative Government in their Klu Klux Klan Assembly crafted Today’s destruction Operational Code Name called —- Rivers Of Blood Speech. Since 2008, the Coloured People death toll was officiated to us; killed for no just reason over your Policies of Immigration Laws, a Sham Legislation for no just reason. A Letter from the Immigration Office confirming Death Toll can be read on our Server:
The Home Office, their Agencies and whole Institutions lack Political Mythology this is the foundation on which the Home Office is formed and now it is worthy of collapse for a Rebirth of Sanity. Why have your Government allowed the Germans Insanity of the Second World War 2, to continue till date? You have foolishly allowed them into United Kingdom to continue their Destruction on Humanity that saw Fifteen (15) Million Jews massacred to Death. If you have lost reasoning, I recall your concentration that UK Detention Centers named in German Dialect as Observed in the list detailed for your recollection: (i) Dover Removal Centre, (ii) Collinbrook Removal Centre, (iii) Oakington Removal Centre, (iv) Hamasworth Removal Centre, (v) Dungavel Removal Centre, (vi) Campsfield Removal Centre, (vii) Lindholam Removal Centre, (viii) Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre, (ix) Haslar Removal Centre, (x) Tinsley House Removal Centre and Others.
Using Legislative Confraternity to kill the people
Corroborating her view on the use of Legislative Confraternity by Cameron to kill the Commonwealth people, Professor Thomas said: “Mr. Cameron, your Government continues to use Legislative Confraternity to kill the Commonwealth Nations Citizens in Immigration Detention Centres and Prisons. Coloured Men and Women die every day in UK Immigration Concentration Camps.
Why have you allowed German Investors in Immigration Affairs? Why are Offenses of Murder and Homicide committed on Commonwealth Citizens by your Crown Servants covered up till date?
Why no Persons has been convicted for these Deaths? If these deaths were committed by Black Culprits on White Victims, your Government will send them to Jail for life. So you will agree with me the Justice system has neglected the Wellbeing of Families of the Deceased Citizens till date failed to inform their Families and not even bothered to pay them Compensation. The Commonwealth Citizens deaths recorded since 1965 to 2015 of their Exterminations in the UK Immigration Concentration Camps must be revealed to the Commonwealth Nations Government. Your Government pretense of Blind Eye, yet no one has been jailed for these Atrocities committed. The Big Question is Why has your Government Mocked the Justice system because of Power intoxication?
David Cameron ancestors
Referring to the British Prime Minister’s hereditary lineage, Professor Thomas reminisced: “Mr. Cameron, you must remember the Moral Values your Mother taught you; Though your Ancestor General Sir James Duff was a Slave Master who received Huge settlement after Slavery Abolishment by the British Government. Reawakening your Conscience in Denial that your Ancestor Profited from Slave Trade. This Evidence is definitely the reason you have lost Touch with Reality. If the Pressure of the Governance and Education expected is above your Comprehension, I strongly advise you to simply Resign before you get disgrace out of Power.
Commonwealth dead victims
She recounts the ordeal of Commonwealth citizens tortured and buried in unmarked graves by agents of Cameron, when her statement states: “The Commonwealth Citizens die in UK Immigration Concentration Camps and buried in an unmarked Graves. Your Government should know what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander; So wholly in Truth of Correctiveness, it is advisable your Government compile the list of Deceased Persons and search for their Families for they must be buried befittingly and their Families Compensated.
Mr. Cameron, an explanation is needed on why your Government have not shown these Dead Victims respect, knowingfully well that they were killed by your Employees? Obviously without Denial, your Conservative Party fumes with Superiority because these Dead Victims are Black and Coloured Persons, simply your Disdain is their Blood Smells, because if it was White Persons as Dead Victims, the Queen Elizabeth II would have been told to reassure their Families.
Your Government still regard the Commonwealth Citizens as Slaves and Servants. No one in your Government is concerned about the Wellbeing of Noble Men your Party have locked and incarcerated in Immigration Concentration Camps for no offenses they have committed. You tell me no ‘RACISM’ in the United Kingdom, well know it now it is simply ‘HATISM’. Mr. Cameron, you must advice the Secretary of State for Home Office to advice Personnel’s of the Home Office and Immigration Officers because as Employees they are Outlaws. It is very Sad your Secretary of State is unable to control them as she is continually misled by the Minister for Immigration
On British Passports’ Illegal Revocation
Famous for her frankness on issues affecting Commonwealth citizens, Professor Thomas revealed clandestine moves by Cameron administration to revoke British citizenship status earlier accorded Commonwealth citizens that had done renunciation. She said: “The introduction of the TCLP Scheme on Renunciation and Proclamation of Nationality as Treaty of Article 15 of UDHR, it was deemed necessary that Beneficiaries of this Scheme notify the Home Office of their change of Status as British Citizens because the Passport Office an Executive Agency is now Politicized by your Government the Conservative Party has Conned and Deceitfully got them to Alliance for reasons to unconstitutionally continue to Revoke Peoples Right of Residence and the British Passport over the most Flimsy excuses.
The TCLP for these reasons, introduced the British Commonwealth Nationals Data Enrollment for Commonwealth Citizens to grant Permissibility to the Home Office to update their Information with the Data Entry Department. MY PEN MUST BRAKE NOW’, if not this letter could be 200 Pages as there are Enormous issues to talk about. I am an Eagle Eye watching the Fashion of your Government so expect more Teachings from me. Mr. Cameron, your style of Government has never been known to the History of United Kingdom because you lack the International Law Mythology and Treaty Compulsion signed after the Second World War by Prime Minister Churchill which is a Bond.
Law of Magna Carta as only way forward in 21st Century
Re-awakening the Law of Magna Carta as the only panacea to bright governance, Professor Thomas further explained: “Your Immigration Officers appointed to work as Bounty Hunters are committing Serious Crimes in the Name of Justice using Covert Operations because of assurance for every deportation to earn commission. They steal Commonwealth Citizens Data from Home Office Server and maliciously visit their Homes who they know are British Citizens through the Nationality Scheme created by TCLP. Immigration Law is a Civil Case and not Criminal, therefore your Officers by Law cannot ‘Threaten, Bully, or Bigotry’ visit Homes nor assisted with Police Escort to Commonwealth Citizens Houses as any infringement on their Privacy is a Violation of their Rights and Hate Crime Coercion Brutality.
The Mythological Truth is no Immigration Officer is issued a Warrant by any Court of the Land, hence it is not a Criminal matter, this means your Officers in Possession of a Warrant are in Possession of a False Instrument, a Triable Offense under the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981, s.2 and s.6. Your Office is duty obligated to stop Immigration Employees from printing Fake Warrants from their Computer to violate Coloured Peoples Right. This is a Huge embarrassment that Home Office Personnel’s can use Fake Court Warrants to break in Homes of the Coloured People who are British Citizens, yet the Warrant maliciously calls them other National. The Warrant as Exhibits shows it has no Court Stamp, but still your Employees use it to aid their Hate Crime Executions. What is your Plea for these Criminal atrocities by People in Government? Mr. Cameron, these misconduct of Home Office Personnel’s is a Huge embarrassment to the UK Justice system.
British Monarchy under a mandate to Re-instate/Enforce the Will of Magna Carta’
This Chieftain of Commonwealth Treaty Alliance Commission, UK officially issued a notice to Queen of England, Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to call the British Prime Minister to order by ensuring on or before 24th April, the current conservative administration built on confraternity get disband or abolished to pave way for Labour Party.
It is in view of Cameron’s vice that Professor Thomas, a foremost outspoken Human Rights advocate for freedom of Commonwealth criticized the ‘triangle of evil in Britain’ led by Cameron. She did not spare the British Monarchy as she lambasts Queen Elizabeth II and placed Buckingham Palace under a mandate to Re-instate/Enforce the Will of Magna Carta.
According to the press statement signed by Professor Thomas: “Your Throneship is now under a Mandate to Reinstate and Enforce the Will of Magna Carta 1215 just as King Henry III Reinforced the Reading of the Charters of Liberties in Court on the 23rd June 1217.
Our concerns about the Ruling Conservative Government Style of Governance is drawn for your attention. This letter is unveiled Publicly on our Party Website Investigation Page, so the attention of the People of Great Britain could be drawn to our openness on issues of deliberation.
Your Majesty, as I reviewed the correspondence from Buckingham Palace signatured by Sonia Bonici your Senior Correspondence, I acknowledged your comments which I dutifully inform you today People of the Commonwealth believe their interest do not matter to you, despite the Injustice and Deaths of the Commonwealth Victims. Your Majesty, your negligence to the Welfare and Wellbeing of the Commonwealth Citizens in Britain is of concern as the outspoken reality is, you deem them less important of your time.”
Sounding emotional and philosophical, she said “Your Majesty, if these Dead Victims at UK Immigration Concentration Camps were White British, your motherhood instinct will not deny your Guilt that you have failed them as Powers of your Throneship supersede the Powers of Parliamentarian Politics. Your Throneship the Buckingham Palace oversightedly allowed the Office of the Secretary of State to be bigger than the United Kingdom Monarch in that Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Home Office now Masters the Commonwealth Citizens with Terror Justice and still in their Tyranny fears no retribution.
Queen Elizabeth’s ancestral history
Professor Thomas reveals Mythological truth on the birth of the Commonwealth Nations through British Monarchy ancestry. She said: “Your Majesty, I recall your knowledge to Britain Monarchical Wealth that your Ancestor King Henry VII in 1496 in his Hunger for Power and Wealth granted permission on Royal Commission for Global Exploration authorized John Cabot an Italian Explorer to find New Lands for England. This Mythological Truth about the Birth of the Commonwealth Nations Mythology can be watch on Youtube Channel at
Your Majesty, the fact not in denial is that the Coloured Peoples Race were not known to Britain but the greed for Power eroded the Thrones of Kings in Europe to explosively exploit the Nations of Asia and Africa and their Abonnement is an impossibility. Your Majesty, you will agree with me Britain cannot exist without the Commonwealth Nations because your Government is weakened without them. Their Wealth is why your Kingdom is the greatest today because of your Receipt of Royalty. What is good for your People must be extended to the Commonwealth Nations and their Citizens you inherited.
“ Your Majesty, the Commonwealth Nations Governance must be reviewed as the Commonwealth Charter a Working Guide lacked in-depth Goals and Objectives for reasons of United Kingdom relationship with the Commonwealth Nations. United Kingdom powered by Parliament and her Monarchical Empire should not ignore the Commonwealth Nations Wellbeing as a People. Your Invisibility in Politics and Government and allowing Parliament Pen to draft your Statements and Declarations is against the Fundamental Values of the Commonwealth Treaty your Oath Ascertained in your Coronation of 1953; Promises Breached.”
British Govt Reign of Terror & Tyranny
Without any iota of pretense, ‘Her Knowledgeable’ as widely called in UK said “Your Office negates matters of Commonwealth Values still assuming they are Slaves and Servants. The reason why their Affairs are pushed to the Office of the Secretary Of State for Home Office simply, Secretary of State symbolically in Blind Administration is their Slave Master and as such their Enrollment to your Kingdom is the Services of Servantry; In retrogression History is not in denial that the Black and Coloured People were Slaves though after Abolishment in 1833, this Significance still reflect in the 21st Century.
Your Majesty, since 2008 I have continually drawn your Throneship’s attention to the Deaths and Harm done on the People of the Commonwealth by your Government Ministerial Bureaucracy. Your Majesty, as I revisited Communications received from your Office in 2008, it became obvious you allowed the Destruction on Commonwealth People as it could have been avoided. I came to the conclusion that Politics has limited your Powers to partake in Government Governance. Your yearly speech to the People of United Kingdom, in your declaration, you adduced Parliament Act of Justice a monstrosity that kills the Welfare and Wellbeing of the Black and Coloured People as your Pen signatured the Bill and Act of Britain Legislative Confraternity slaughtering the Black People and Coloured People Struggle for their Rights as a People.
How Destructive Bill was Prepared
Recalling by divinity how the Destructive Bill against the Commonwealth citizens was enacted. Professor Thomas fumes: “Ordinary Men from homes with no morals prepare a Destructive Bill for you, yet you have the power to refuse it, as politics cannot control ones Instinct of Justice Conscience, still their perilous direct your state of reasoning with their Monstrosity Bill of Warrants to Kill and execute the destruction of the Commonwealth Citizens in your Name.
Your Majesty, why have you allowed the Banner of Parliament and Ordinary Men with no Royal Lineage puppeteer your Honours and control United Kingdom Nation like their Neighbourhood Watch?
Your Majesty, less I talk, the better not to accuse you further, because your Conscience knows the Truth and as a Great woman, I know your Values, for you must be Observance to the Peoples Will of Mandate. Your decision on the Commonwealth Future is now your Principle or their Lust. I now expect your Throneship of United Kingdom to disband Prime Minister David Cameron’s Leadership of Government. The Ethics of his Government has breached the British Constitutional Governance, hence evidential adduced for His Governance Brutality to the Welfare of the Commonwealth People must not be compromised as being a political science student his defense is unpardonable.
Execute the Nation’s Justice and by mandating Mr. David Cameron to leave power by Alteration Government means Labour Party holds Power or Cameron’s Leadership get aborted without any Ceremony and a new peoples vote is casted for the People Referendum their chance to appoint their choice of Leadership. Democracy is not the Will of Majority and hence Majority and Minority all have Rights of Equality Judgment of Justice, then Cameron’s Leadership must be disband as not even his Legislative Confraternists can stop his Disbandment.RFR
Your Majesty, My Words Are Alive, Hear Me In The Loudness Of The Sea, Hear Me The Treacherous Must Not Be Empathized With. This Mandate Upon Your Shoulder As Real As It Sounds Are The Quest Of Justice From The Kings Thrones Of The Great Kingdom Of Britain. Alum, Alum, Alum, verily well said. This is my statement. Cameron’s Government And Leadership Must Go And Equivocally Must Be Halt Before His Governance Insanity Brings Fatal Retribution To United Kingdom”, added Professor Thomas.


In Nigeria, along with its West African neighbor Ghana, women are now starting businesses in greater numbers than men. Gayle Tzemach Lemmon



Dr Dayo OLOMU, Nigeria’s No 1 Motivational Speaker & Human Capital Development Expert in the UK commends Lagos State Government on the recently passed Lagos State Special People’s Law that compelled all employers of labour employing up to 100 persons to reserve at least 1% of such workforce for qualified persons living with disability.

Dr Dayo OLOMU who is currently in the country on the invitation of highly respected broadcaster of distinction, Mr Soni Irabor said this today when he paid a courtesy visit to the Honourable Commissioner of Information & Strategy, Mr Steve Ayorinde.d1.jpg

Dr Dayo Olomu used the occasional to brief Mr Ayorinde on Project 1000 of Dayo OLOMU Foundation (DOF), a life changing project in which 1000 Nigerians in Diaspora will mentor 1000 youths based in Nigeria as part of DOF’s contribution to move Nigeria forward. The opportunity was offered to the 1000 youths who attended the Soni Irabor Youth ddEmpowerment Forum last Saturday 2nd April 2016 at Oriental Hotel where he was a keynote speaker.

Dr Dayo Olomu also informed the honourable commissioner of the work of Focus on Disability founded by Abiodun Paseda where Goddess Sade Olomu is the Patron.

Ambo……atide. Itesiwaju Eko

CERUTTI MEDIA GLOBAL WATCH: US ELECTION TAKES NEW TWIST AS……ARCH RIVALS Clinton, Sanders promise to include Latinos in cabinet

A Quote:”I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat”.
-Will Rogers




Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders vowed to nominate Latinos into key cabinet posts in their administrations if elected, according to their answers to a questionnaire organized by the nation’s largest Latino coalition.

The 20-question survey was submitted by the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda to all U.S. presidential candidates on Feb. 25, but received responses only from the two Democratic contenders and none from the Republicans, according to the results reviewed by Reuters.ujjj.jpg35.jpg

Latinos and African-Americans have emerged as key voting blocs in the Democratic race for the White House nomination so far, and are likely to play a large role in the outcomes of big contests looming in New York and California.

“From special assistants to cabinet members, Latinos will play a key role in helping to shape my policy priorities and be effectively represented in our agencies,” former U.S. Secretary of State and Democratic front-runner Clinton wrote.55.jpg

U.S. Senator from Vermont Sanders promised to make his administration “reflect the diverse make-up of the country… I can think of no place more vital for such diversity than in the cabinet and the Senior Executive Service of the President of the United States of America.”

President Barack Obama has nominated a number of Latinos to cabinet position during his time in office, two of whom are currently serving: Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro.

Both Clinton and Sanders have already promised comprehensive immigration reform, appealing to Hispanic voters ahead of presidential nominating contests in minority-heavy states. Leading Republican hopefuls Donald Trump and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, meanwhile, have promised to tighten up the borders and deport undocumented immigrants.

The responses come as the Democratic contest for the party’s presidential nomination is poised to roll into a slate of diverse states – including New York later this month and minority-heavy California in June.yyyy.png

The NHLA will use the questionnaires to guide voter engagement ahead of the November election, and to hold the winner to promises made during the campaign, said Hector Sanchez, the chairman of the NHLA.

“This is not just a piece of paper that we’re going to put out there,” Sanchez said. “If they want the Latino vote, they must engage with us.”

(Reporting by Luciana Lopez; Editing by Richard Valdmanis and Marguerita Choy)1.jpg

STORY COURTESY : Luciana Lopez; Editing by Richard Valdmanis and Marguerita Choy)

ASISAT OSHOALA….Living A Dream beyond Soccer,falls in love with pen and paper

UJUUUSir J F Kennedy was totally right….”Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” – John F Kennedy








For Asisat Lamina Oshoala MON ,the  Nigerian professional footballer who plays for Arsenal Ladies of the FA WSL as a forward. and  was  was named best player and was the highest goal scorer at the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup  Is no doubt living a dream of writing, even though she plays for one of worlds best thing, she takes time to write daily and has now open her own personal; website where she places her memoirs and advice to young-onesIJJJ

This is big move, many lack such ambition, for Asisa her reader friendly website is a lesson for our young ones to think education,think literary gains and not  just go online and ping non stop

To this  we say big up and more grease top her elbow